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Treatment considerations for various forms of Iron

Aeration: Introducing oxygen to the water source to convert soluble iron to its insoluble form.

Filtration: Media used to entrap and screen out oxidized particles of iron. Usually requires backwashing to remove accumulated iron.

Water Softener: Removal of soluble iron by ion exchange.

Manganese Greensand: An ion exchange sand material which is capable of removing iron. Adsorbs dissolved iron and requires chemical regeneration.

Catalytic Filtration "BIRM": A granular filter medium that enhances the reaction between oxygen and iron and then filters the insoluble iron.

Ozonation: A specialized form of aeration using ozone to convert soluble iron.

Ion Exchange: Substituting an acceptable ion (such as sodium) for soluble iron.

Sequestering: Adding chemical agents to water to keep metals like iron in solution to prevent characteristic red stains.

Chlorination: Chemical oxidizer used to convert soluble iron to an insoluble, filterable form.